Integrated Healing

What will Happen?

It is a simple treatment that can take between 30 and 60 minutes, although some conditions my require longer, and more than one treatment is normally required.

Integrated Healing Practitioners are trained to read the subtle energy responses from the unconscious (much like a polygraph/lie-detector machine does). This biofeedback system gives the Practitioner a way to access the root cause of issues, such as sabotage-, survival-, secondary gain-, inner child programs, etc. It is done with the client either lying on a massage table, or seated or even standing, whilst the Practitioner uses light touch on the hand/arm. 

Once the primary issues are identified, the Practitioner uses a wide selection of healing techniques to address the emotional issue or physical dysfunction.

About Integrated Healing

Integrated Healing is a revolutionary healing system that combines the best of modern Psychology, NLP, CBT, Physiology, Applied Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, complementary medicine and many other modalities, with its own unique methodologies, to give a profound, yet simple, approach to healing.