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What will Happen?

It is simple a treatment that can take between 30 and 60 minutes, although some conditions may require longer, and more than one treatment is normally required.

During the treatment you will lie while I perform various simple muscle tests to identify disturbances in the body’s meridians that may be causing problems. I may scan lists (of emotions or anatomical charts, for example) to find the necessary emotions or blocks.

Once identified I will perform the required correction. Kenergetics enables me to correct the issue with a single correction instead of using multiple corrections as required by other kinesiology systems.

What can it Help With?

  • Locate and clear deep emotional stresses, sabotages, and beliefs that prevent you from achieving your full potential.

  • Strengthen the body’s organs so heavy metals are eliminated safely.*

  • Reduce pain

  • Reduce subconscious resistance to healing.

  • Strengthen the body to clear Candida.*

  •  Improved performance (at work, school, and sport).

* Treatment for these conditions may require a change to your diet for which you will need to consult a nutritionalist.

About Kinergetics

Kinergetics is a branch of Kinesiology which was created by Phillip Rafferty. It is a fast, non-invasive method of reducing pain and stress and locating and correcting some of the emotional and metaphysical causes of disease. ​


Feedback about the state of the meridians in the body is obtained using muscle testing. When the meridians are disturbed, problems can result. Once identified these disturbances can be corrected.​


Large image of muscle testing
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